eoVision GmbH is engaged in two fields of activity with eoVision Media and eoVision Consulting. While eoVision Media has been active since the first publications in 2010, the activities in geoinformatics and remote sensing have been started with the launch of the company in 2007 already. Here the focus is the provision of services in the application of geodata and remote sensing products as well as in consultancy services for professional users of geoinformatics products.

eoVision Media produces as publisher and in cooperation with other publishing houses coffee table books, atlases, posters, maps, games and books specialised on issues involving geography, environment, globalisation and sustainability. Images from the company’s large image archive can be licensed by media houses, publishers, multimedia producers and broadcasting companies.

Starting point for the design of the products are in most cases interesting high-quality satellite images and maps, which combine a high esthetical value with fascinating background stories. eoVision’s interdisciplinary team covers the fields of biology, geography, surveying and physics and is thus able to provide the relevant background information. The best-selling book “Human Footprint” has been sold already in more than 50 countries worldwide, and images shown in the book are accessible to the public in an exhibition rent by renowned natural history museums.

eoVision Consulting comprises the divisions Satellite Data, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing and Research and Development.

Among the customers of eoVision Media and eoVision Consulting renowned institutions such as the European Space Agency (ESA), numerous important media houses, magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, museums and companies and organisations from all over the world can be found.

Legal Information
Managing Directors Dr. Markus Eisl
DI Gerald Mansberger
Mag. Paul Schreilechner
Company registration number FN 316877 x
Registration court LG Salzburg
VAT number ATU64483525
Authority ref. law on eCommerce Bezirkshauptmannschaft Salzburg-Stadt
Wirtschaftskammer Österreich,
FG Technische Büros (Austrian Economic Chambers, Industrial Sector: Information and Consulting UBIT)
AIC Austrian International Consultants
GIS-Cluster Salzburg
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