Active in research and development

The technologies involved in Earth observations are quickly developing. In a similar way, the organisational and structural pre-requisites for the application of satellite data change rapidly. In order to keep pace with these developments and to be able to provide our clients with the optimal solutions, eoVision is intensively monitoring the progress in this sector and is actively involved in research projects.

The strategy behind the research projects performed by eoVision is to make optimal use of the potential of remote sensing in applications e.g. in the fields of environment protection and security management. Our research is done also in national and international projects (e.g. in the framework of the EU research programmes) in cooperation with partners, which guarantees that the expertise of the respective partner can be exploited in an optimal way.

The results of the research activities are implemented in development projects of eoVision, evolving to tailor-made products and services. Examples are the VISION GLOBE and spatial data portals serving specific purposes.

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